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If you are looking for a cigar bar near you, fear not, cigar bars and lounges are making a comeback in a big way. When the Cuban embargo finally gets lifted and Cuban cigars start to become available in the United States, we can expect this industry to go from strong to stronger.


Years ago, cigar bars were extremely popular and you could find such establishments on the corner of nearly every major intersection. Such establishments, however, did not always come with the best reputation and were sometimes frequented by undesirable characters.


The scene has changed a bit now, thankfully, and cigar bars will usually come with fine cigars, quality drinks, a pleasant ambience and exquisite people. In cities across the US, swanky cigar bars are popping up all over the place meaning you are bound to find one near you.


Let’s take a look at some of the finest cigar smoking establishments in the United States.


In no particular order, we have listed some of the best smoking lounges and bars in the US. The US is a rather large place so we tried to spread the list geographically; hopefully one of these is close to you!


Ozio Lounge – Washington DC


A huge bar complex, Ozio Lounge actually consists of 6 bars on 4 levels. The top 2 levels are for VIP’s and you might expect to pay a bit extra to get up there, although it’s totally worth it if you do.


The owners have more than 20 years’ experience in the Washington cigar bar scene, so they know how to manage the ambience. The food is top notch and the cigar list is surprisingly long and heavy on Cuban smokes. It can be a little pricey, but if you can afford it, this lounge is a great experience and a cool place to take your buddies.


Havana Club – Baltimore, MD


There is more to Baltimore than The Wire! Baltimore is actually a really great city and the people there are generally very nice. Located above Ruth Chris Steak House, Baltimore has a neat little cigar-friendly bar called the Havana Club.


They have a decent dance floor if you fancy that sort of thing, and you can even learn to salsa. If you’re like me and prefer to just relax while you smoke, they offer exquisite leather chairs and great cigars at decent prices.


Macanudo Club – New York City


The Macanudo Club is a trendy, happening place, located on the super trendy Upper East Side. It features a large venue for spectacular food in an art decorated setting, and comfy leather chairs for cigar smoking and whisky drinking, although their cocktails are said to be superb.


They have an endless list of fancy drinks and an even longer list of refined cigars to suit any enthusiast. It’s not for those on a budget, and you might need to book well in advance, but anybody who is anybody in the elite social circles in NY can be seen in this swanky place.


Vintage Wine & Cigars – Huntsville, AL


There is a lot to be said for Southern hospitality. Only the most refined residents of Huntsville will head to Vintage Wine & Cigars in order to get their imported wine and beers from the friendly staff.


You can strike up a conversation with just about anybody here, and discuss politics, sports or even just relax and enjoy a delicious cigar. The food is great and the atmosphere is subtly pleasant.


Grand Havana Room – Beverly Hills, CA


The Grand Havana room might be a member’s only club, but if you are fortunate enough to get a membership here, you will never regret it. It is probably one of the more exquisite places on this list and features a shocking display of grandiose in the form of a giant humidor on display with celebrities who have their own cigars in storage here.


The Grand Havana Room has a cousin in New York by the same name, but the Beverly Hills establishment is truly for the elite cigar smoker.


The Best of the Rest:

Cigar Masters – Boston –

Casa De Montecristo – Chicago –

850 Cigar Club – San Francisco –

Bubble Lounge – New York –

Cool River Café – Irving –


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