Cigar Accessories and Gadgets

As with many of life’s greatest pleasures, there are many gadgets that go along with the joy of a good cigar. Some are vital to the cigar experience and some may add a little panache while others may simply be conversation-starting luxuries.


The following Five Cigar Gadgets To Own are just a sampling of the great accessories available today at your nearest cigar shop, covering a wide spectrum of style, function and price and making the cigar smoking adventure all the more gratifying.


Xikar Xi Series Cigar Cutter 


From the masters of cigar lifestyle innovation comes the preferred cutter of aficionados, cigar makers and tobacconists around the World: the Xikar Xi Series cigar cutters. The Xi cutters are absolute musts for any true aficionados, delivering precision cuts each and every time, while doing it with great style and flair.


With all cutters sporting 440 C Stainless Steel blades that carry a Rockwell HRC-57 rating, the Xi Series cutters are beautifully designed, form-fitting double-bladed guillotines with spring-loaded action which makes for a smooth, easy cutting motion on most all cigar sizes.


The Xi cutters are simply the sharpest, most reliable cutters on the market and feature an extensive array of varying options for the outer casing.


From aluminum and carbon fiber to nylon fiberglass composite, exotic woods, coral and beyond, there is a unique choice to suit your style and budget, ranging in price from the base $39.99 to a lavish $449.99 for an extremely limited Xikar Xi cutter featuring 10,000 year old fossilized Mammoth ivory.


And to top it off, all Xikar products carry a lifetime warranty and the folks at Xikar even offer a blade sharpening/replacement service for the lifetime of the cutter.


The Xikar Xi Series cutters make it easier than ever to cut those precious Cuban Cohibas, Montecristo cigars or any of your favorites. Xikar cutters are simply the best cutters around and belong in everyone’s cigar tool kit.




Lotus 59 Fury Cigar Lighter 


The Lotus brand is well known to car enthusiasts around the globe and has positioned itself in recent years as a go-to brand for cigar connoisseurs as well.


The beautifully modern, yet easy to use Lotus 59 Fury lighter is an outstanding choice for cigar smokers, offering a wind-resistant double torch design, smooth push-button ignition system and easy to see fuel level window. With the added bonus of a built-in cigar punch, the Lotus 59 Fury is versatile lighter that will perform like a champ no matter the situation.


Whether the golf course, the backyard or cigar lounge, the Lotus 59 Fury will prove an indispensable tool on the way to cigar smoking nirvana. Available in a wide variety of colors, the Lotus 59 Fury cigar lighter carries a suggested retail price of $59.95.




Habanos SA Cohiba Behike Ashtray



For Cuban cigar aficionados there is no more storied name than Cohiba and the Cohiba Behike is a legend in its own time that deserves its own class of ashtray.


Some might argue to great effect that an ashtray is just an ashtray. This is indeed true, but sometimes it is okay to add a little style to the mix. And that is the whole point of the black with gold trim Cohiba Behike ashtray from Habanos SA, a wondrous work of art that beautifully melds form with function while capturing the luxurious spirit of the Cuban Cohiba Behike cigar.


The unique rounded-triangular shaped porcelain ashtray features three slots for cigars and a deep center core for uninterrupted cigar smoking joy.


You don’t have to be a Cuban cigar connoisseur to enjoy the grand legacy of the Cohiba name or the brilliance of this well-made ashtray.



Davidoff Dome Humidor


For those who desire the pure luxury of a finely crafted humidor, one that can serve as centerpiece to any room, office or lavishly adorned cigar cave, there is no finer choice than the opulent Davidoff Dome Humidor.


This 50 to 65 cigar capacity humidor with a rounded top is beautifully crafted in France utilizing some of the most exotic woods available. The select woods offered are Macassar, Amboyona, Rosewood, Thuya and the ever popular Bubinga, with each wood showcasing its own unique grain, color and style.


Gilded or Palladium coated accents perfectly accentuate the respective woods, while each humidor is lined with African Okoume, a wood with similar properties to the endangered Spanish cedar.


A tremendously pleasing piece of functioning furniture, the Davidoff Dome Humidor is a worthy choice for keeping the very best Cuban cigars in perfect condition and a luxury that should be atop everyone’s wish list.


Prices vary according to the wood type, but these artful creations start at approximately $5000 and are simply a feast for the eyes that should not be missed.


Boveda Humidification Packs



Admittedly ultra-low-tech and anything but luxurious, the humidification packs from Boveda are indispensable cigar accessories for everyone wanting to keep their cigars in the optimal condition. Utilizing a reverse-osmosis membrane that allows only pure water vapor to be released into the area being humidified, the Boveda packs are amazingly consistent and efficient.


These simple to use packets are good for 2 to 4 months and when it is time for a new one, simply toss in the new and toss out the old. And as everyone has their own preferences as to what point of humidification they wish their cigars to be controlled, Boveda offers different levels of humidity including: 62%, 65%, 69%, 72% and 75%. An 84% is also offered for seasoning a new or dry humidor.


Another option is a Boveda pack holder, whether metal or wood these convenient, yet stylish holders give humidors a more finished, opulent look. At $3.95 for a single 5.2” x 3.5” pack, these may not seem like the most cost-effective humidification device, but considering the complete lack of effort required to install and the ridding of the worry about humidity spikes and drops, the Boveda Humidification packs are priceless tools of the trade that cigar makers, tobacconists and cigar aficionados have come to love.


No matter the gadget, there is something out there to suit your taste and style, so as with any cigar-related search, explore, read, research, talk to tobacconists about product demonstrations or ask about warranties and feedback.


Do your homework and you will find the ultimate must-have cigar gadget.


So when you call your cigar smoking friends and tell them to “Meet me at the cigar lounge near me” you will have the all of the cool gadgets that will set you apart as a smart, stylish and fun cigar connoisseur of the highest order.


Thanks for reading!


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