The holidays are always a magical time for cigar aficionados, with the cheerful gatherings, delicious treats, tasty libations and of course the most prized moment of all: The lighting of the Christmas cigar!


Cigar-related goodies have been reliable stocking stuffers for generations and with the anticipation of another visit from Old St. Nick just around the corner, it’s time to look at this year’s top cigar-related items that are sure to make your favorite cigar lover giddy with Christmas joy!


The Xikar team is always at the forefront of cigar accessory technology and their newest creation has rocketed to the top of seemingly every cigar connoisseur’s Christmas wish list this year: The Xikar VX2 V-Cut.


Many cigar aficionados are all too familiar with the many shortcomings of traditional V-cutters and the Xikar VX2 V-Cut attempts to remedy them all with fantastic results. Able to accommodate cigar sizes of up to a 64 ring gauge and beyond, the cutter’s size, shape and angle of cut have all been reimagined allowing for a smooth, clean and precise cut every time.


No split caps here!


While many V-cutters have been touted as improvements over the traditional V-cutter, this beauty just might be the best cigar cutter out there and a cigar smoker’s gadget that is a legitimate game changer.


If you have exhausted every idea of what to get that special cigar connoisseur who seems to already have everything, then what better choice than a super-premium cigar that is encased in a bottle of rare Cognac! Created ten years ago by Johnny Soyak, the Cigar in the Bottle has become the ultimate cigar connoisseur’s treasure.



This year’s offering features an extremely limited Varatan Especial cigar blended by none other than cigar-making legend Hendrik “Henke” Kelner of Davidoff fame and a bottle of Drouet’s Grand Pommier XS VSOP Cognac.


The cigar appears as though it is suspended within the Cognac, but is actually stashed away in a specially formed pocket in the bottle along with a Boveda humidipak which will keep it humidified for up to a whopping 10 years.


This extremely limited release priced at around $300 retail will no doubt require some deep detective work to find, as a simple internet search for a “cigar bar near me” just won’t cut it. And yet with its beautiful presentation and the unforgettable experience it offers, the Cigar in the Bottle is well worth the effort to track down.


A perfect companion piece to one of this year’s most anticipated cigars, the Winston Churchill The Late Hour by Davidoff of Geneva, this set is sure to make any cigar connoisseur gleam.


Davidoff cigars humidor gift for cigar lovers
Photo courtesy of Davidoff of Geneva Houston. Used with permission.


The Winston Churchill The Late Hour Kit includes a deep bowled rectangular ashtray made from solid repurposed wood which is emblazoned by the Davidoff and Winston Churchill logos.


Neatly fitting inside of the ashtray is a matching wooden box which opens to reveal accommodations for cigars.


Also included are a cocktail glass wood burning block and two wood coasters. Cigars are not included, but add some Winston Churchill The Late Hour cigars to the mix and you have a stocking stuffer that is sure to be a hit!


For those in search of a small gift for a cigar connoisseur that will both delight the recipient and keep your holiday budget intact, the folks at General Cigar offer up one of the best all-around stocking stuffers to be had: The 4-cigar CAO World Sampler II.


Cigar Gifts CAO World Sampler


Updated to include each of CAO’s sumptuous World cigars, this sampler contains one each of the richly textured CAO Italia Ciao, the unique pinstriped CAO America Potomac, the silky smooth and mellow CAO Colombia Vallenato and the full-flavored smoke that got the World series rolling, the CAO Brazilia Gol.


Each of these smokes feature CAO’s award-winning blends that highlight tobaccos from various countries and those included in this cigar gift set are 5” x 56 cigars that will make any holiday season a fabulously entertaining one.


While a Google search for “cigar shops near me who sell Cubans” or “where to buy Cuban cigars” isn’t going to provide much help to those in the States just yet, those traveling abroad have a plethora of options for finding the perfect gift for that special Habana cigar lover.


And there is no better way of gifting than with a leather-bound humidor filled with H. Upmann cigars, one of the most prestigious and delicious Cuban cigar brands of all time.

Cuban Cigar Holiday Gift H. Upmann
Photo courtesy of C.Gars Ltd. Used with permission.

The H. Upmann Robusto Travel Humidor is a genuine leather clad beauty which, with its well-made zipper closure and rigid construction, will keep cigars protected and ready for action no matter the time or place. With a pressed H. Upmann Habana logo and its deeply textured brown leather, this stunning travel humidor contains six Cuban H. Upmann Robusto cigars, a newly released size making its debut with this humidor.


The H. Upmann Robusto Travel Humidor is simply a thrilling gift for the Cuban cigar lover on the go.


Sure to rank as the highlight of Christmas 2017 for any cigar aficionado, these fantastic gifts are but a few of the many cigar-related gift options out there.


Whether naughty or nice, your favorite cigar enthusiast will enjoy these cigar stocking stuffers to their heart’s content and along the way just might put in a good word for you with that jolly fellow in the red coat!


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